Moisture Mapper Integration Partners

Moisture Mapper offers system integration with multiple companies in order to facilitate claim assignment and reporting efficiency, enhance documentation and / or minimize duplicate data entry.

While all Moisture Mapper data can be viewed within our unique MoistureNetwork™ system, our integration partners include:

  • XactAnalysis, a full-cycle claims analytical and reporting tool. As claims flow through its network, XactAnalysis can automatically export claim data into Moisture Mapper enabling contractors to immediately start documenting relevant data. Moisture Mapper shows as an additional tab within XactAnalysis, so all parties with access to the respective datasets can view Moisture Mapper provided data in "real time." No additional programming is required!
  •   Moisture Mapper can also populate customized Moisture Mapper project reports, MoistureScore™ results and MoistureScore™ reports within XactAnalysis.
  • Xactware "Vendor Exchange" allows contractors who start their jobs in Xactimate (without receiving an XactAnalysis assignment) to export the administrative set up data into Moisture Mapper, minimizing duplicate data entry and expediting the water mitigation "process" documentation.

  • CRM Systems are also important integration partners. We make every effort to integrate as much data as possible, understanding that contractor's time is valuable and they need to minimize duplicate entry while effectively managing data. Our partners include:
  •   Client Runner
  •   Restoration Manager
  •   PSA/Canam Systems
  • Software Customization is also available due to our large in house IT staff

Please contact Moisture Mapper for further details or if you would like to be considered as an integration partner.

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