12 Feb 2018. Next Gear Solutions, developer of DASH, the market-leading restoration management software, has completed the acquisition of Moisture Mapper International. With this acquisition, Moisture Mapper joins DASH, MICA, DryTrack, and LuxorCRM in the Next Gear Solutions product suite, reaffirming the NGS commitment to the property restoration space. By combining the technologies of DryTrack, MICA, and Moisture Mapper, Next Gear Solutions will accelerate its services to leading property insurance carriers, and its 4,000+ restoration contractors. This acquisition also brings John North, President of Moisture Mapper, and his entire team to the growing Next Gear Family!

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We are excited about the latest version of our mitigation process documentation software on the mobile platforms which operate with or without internet access.

The key features include the ability to have jobs "assigned" to field technicians, working with no internet access, ability to add photos, dictation, voice recording and videos to a job. It also provides the ability to annotate sketches on tablets. All of this information gets uploaded with a click of a button when internet is available.

Moisture Mapper Mobile™ runs on Apple and Android devices. Please log into the Apple App store or Google Play to download Moisture Mapper Mobile™ free of charge. There is no limit to the number of users you can have per Moisture Mapper account.

The latest version of our mitigation process documentation software for contractors includes enhanced user interface, speed and reporting options. It also includes additional functions that will interface with our mobile platform, which operates with or without internet access.

LAWRENCE, MA - February 11, 2011 - Contractors using software tools from Moisture Mapper can now speed their workflows with a new seamless integration between Moisture Mapper™ and XactAnalysis®. Moisture Mapper International, Inc. the leading provider of web-based moisture tracking tools, has completed a data integration that will allow Moisture Mapper data to be displayed in XactAnalysis, the industry's leading online claims management and analytics tool from Xactware. This effort is in response to feedback from numerous Moisture Mapper customers who requested a connection to Xactware's platform. "We've established a reputation in the water damage restoration industry by providing the Read more

About Moisture Mapper International, Inc.

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Moisture Mapper International Inc. is the industry leader in software focusing on the standardization of the water damage restoration process. Introduced to the market in 2005, the program uses proprietary web-based software that provides repeatable quality job management for the contractor and analytical tools for the P & C insurance industry. Moisture Mapper uses its patented algorithms, developed from an empirically generated database of millions of jobs to help insurers accurately analyze projects; resulting in substantial savings. For more information on the company, contact:

NextGear Solutions at 866-769-7855 or E-mail:

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss how MoistureNetwork™ can help you more effectively analyze your claims, please contact us.

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Moisture Mapper™ Integration with Xactware® Enhances Water Damage Loss Management

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