MoistureNetwork™ – a real-time dashboard system for water mitigation "process" management data capture, generated by Moisture Mapper and available within Moisture Mapper's web portal and/or within XactAnalysis. This offers in process and/or post process review capabilities.

With customizable algorithms and analysis, MoistureNetwork™ offers a powerful tool to create consistency across your group, identify trouble areas, and maintain a high level of professionalism. MoistureNetwork™ reporting allows you to view alerts and all areas within the network as well as analyze many different data points within the network.

Territories can be assigned and maintained at the headquarters level, and claims can be tracked by contractor or territory; allowing the corporate office to identify discrepancies, provide estimate analysis and review or communicate needed improvements in documentation prior to invoicing.

MoistureNetwork™ can work as a standalone application, can be integrated with any CRM software platform you are utilizing as well as with XactAnalysis, creating an overall seamless experience.

Key components of the system include:

1. Customizable Monitoring:

  • Organize data by National / Regional / State
  • Utilize to prioritize claim review
  • Establish first day and subsequent day alerts
  • Easily view alerts, total claims, average amount per claim, average cost per day, average cost per square foot, etc.

2. Overview of Operational Elements:

  • Moisture Map – effective definition of drying area
  • Equipment Usage – air movers & dehumidifiers
  • Reduction in equipment during process
  • Control of Environment
  • Daily Monitoring
  • Verification of moisture points / psychometric readings
  • Effective, Rapid Dry Down

3. Reporting:

  • Data mining of all metrics
  • Customization options
  • Monitor all trending information
  • Easy evaluation of contractor performance

4. Benefits Provided:

  • Common platform for data capture and professional reporting
  • Consistency in communication
  • Positive impact on employee training costs and ROI
  • Validate if the "process" supports the price
  • Control / minimize open file time

If you have any questions, or would like to discuss how MoistureNetwork™ can help you more effectively analyze your claims, please contact us.