Moisture Mapper for Third Party Administrators

Moisture Mapper offers effective documentation management and analysis tools for Third Party Administrators. This includes tools to minimize estimate review time needed per claim file!

Products TPAs can utilize include:

  • MoistureNetwork™ which provides the tools necessary to assign claims, track mitigation "process" data, evaluate estimates if necessary, either while in progress or at the end of each job; all in combination with the estimate
  • MoistureScore™ provides a unique measure of each mitigation job and the contractor's overall performance per job as well as operational effectiveness over time
  • MoistureAnalytics™ offers a unique tool to analyze estimates and mitigation process data when doing estimate review on "non-program" contractors
  • CRM System Integration is available for multiple platforms, minimizing data entry time
  • XactAnalysis & Xactimate Integration creates seamless information flow for claim assignments
  • Software Customization is available due to our large in house IT staff

Please contact Moisture Mapper for further details.

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