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    Moisture Mapper

    Process Management and Analysis Software

    for Water Damage Mitigation

Process Management and Analysis Software for Water Damage Mitigation

Moisture Mapper is the leading provider of web based moisture tracking, documentation and evaluation tools for P & C insurers, Third Party Administrator network managers, Franchisors and water damage mitigation contractors. We are continually introducing state of the art advancements in the industry with a variety of management and analytical products.

Moisture Mapper process management software serves the restoration industry by providing professional restorers with a management and documentation tool that justifies the drying process. Our web based program provides guidance on the conduct of water mitigation projects in both residential and commercial structures utilizing algorithms based on the IICRC S500 (the only ANSI approved standard).

The resulting data reports validates the contractors mitigation "process" by producing graphs, charts and comparisons via our patent pending analytics for insurers, reviewers and/or network managers who require precise information for evaluating the estimate and settling the loss.

Additionally, with millions of jobs in our database, indemnity analysis specific to regions is conducted using empirical data for comparison of water mitigation results and procedures. One size does not fit all when considering the variables found throughout the United States, Canada and other countries.

  • Water mitigation project results may vary by geographic region, type of construction, time of the year, weather, etc.
  • Comparing all jobs without allowing for certain variables can misrepresent the true cost of mitigation projects.


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For Contractors

Moisture Mapper Process Management Software is a web based program for contractors to manage and document a water mitigation project. This one integrated program is designed for both residential...Read more

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For Insurance Companies

Water damage represents one of the largest portions of insurance companies' annual spend on claims. Moisture Mapper can help you realize substantial savings through our patented algorithms and...Read more

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For Networks

With customizable algorithms and analysis, MoistureNetwork™ can become a powerful tool to create consistency across your group, identify trouble areas, and maintain a high level of...Read more


MoistureAnalytics™ – a dashboard view of water mitigation claim "end of project data" entered by the reviewer or by the contractor at the direction of the insurer through a Moisture Mapper web portal.


MoistureNetwork™ – a real-time dashboard system for water mitigation "process" management data capture, generated by Moisture Mapper and available within Moisture Mapper's web portal ...


MoistureScore™ – a single number index generated from proprietary algorithms that provide a complete analysis of a water mitigation project. This involves further analysis of key components...

Solutions for Contractors

Moisture Mapper provides restoration contractors with a professional, repeatable platform to document the "process" utilized in any water mitigation project.